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This event completed successfully on 14th Feb 2015. We thank all the participants for their gracious presence.

International Symposium On Sustainable Management Of Animal Genetic Resources For Livelihood Security In Developing Countries

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The eradication of hunger, the reduction of poverty and an economic growth are to be inclusive and sustainable in the society. Livestock production contributes to all the goals. Diversity of farm animal species is key factor to efficient production systems in rural areas. Indigenous breeds of livestock and poultry possess special allelic combinations which enable them to survive the vagaries of climate, biotic and abiotic stresses and also produce and reproduce efficiently in their own environment.
These breeds have been endowed with thermo-tolerance, resistance against diseases, ability to use poor quality biomass, and survive under adverse conditions with assured production of milk, wool, meat, eggs and draft power.The International symposium on "Sustainable Management of Animal Genetic Resources for Livelihood Security in Developing Countries" aims to draw attention to all the stakeholder to meet the current and future challenges of food security with reference to climate change and rapidly expanding human population. The Society for Conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity (SOCDAB), with a broad mandate of generating mass awareness about domestic animal biodiversity among various stakeholders as well as general public, is organizing its XII Annual convention organized as an International Symposium in partnership with TANUVAS, Chennai.
The objective is to bring together scientists, academicians, administrators, field practitioners and livestock keepers to develop strategies for effective use, conservation and improvement of precious native Animal Genetic Resources, to meet the food security for the increasing human population. The Symposium will include invited lectures by eminent professionals and contributory oral and poster presentations.