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International Conference on Emerging Trends in Design, Manufacturing, Materials and Thermal Sciences

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The International Conference on Emerging trends in Design, Manufacturing, Materials and Thermal Sciences - ETDMMT 2020 is being organised jointly by the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering & Automobile Engineering. This conference will serve as a forum for various academicians, researchers and industry professionals across the globe to showcase their original research contributions in their respective domains and deliberate them. This conference also provides a platform to strengthen the relationship between Academia and Industry. Keynote addresses by eminent experts from Academia and Industry will expose participants to real-time challenges and opportunities offered by industry, and to further develop cutting-edge technologies and innovations to meet future needs.



The fourth industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0. offers a more comprehensive, interlinked and holistic approach to manufacturing. It connects the physical and digital worlds for better collaboration and provides better access across departments, partners, vendors, products and people.

The basic four innovative principles which support Industry 4.0 are Interconnection through Internet of Things, Information transparency with Data Analytics, Technical assistance via cyber physical systems and Decentralized decision making for faster production.

Research contributions on emerging Trends in DESIGN, MANUFACTURING MATERIALS  AND THERMAL SCIENCES which foster realization of Industry 4.0 are the main thrusts of the Conference.