This Event Completed Successfully

This event completed successfully on 30th ஜூன் 2016. We thank all the participants for their gracious presence.


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Creativity and innovation are very important to attract students and public interest. Medical exhibition is the need of the hour as it serves as an eye opener for parents of school going students on
health courses. It will provide a good opportunity for students regarding the scope on various courses including allied health sciences. The exhibition shall emphasize on first aid measures. basic life support, and oth multidisciplinary activities. This exhibition can provide deeper understanding and in-depth knowledge and can also serve as an academic entertainment. This scientific exhibition will be an ideal platform to revitalize students knowledge as well as to exchange views on recent developments.


This exhibition will witness a constellation of different courses discussing wide array of topics making it ideal and useful for general public. The exhibition focuses on various communicable and non-
communicable diseases nutritive foods and caloric intake for diabetes,hypertension,heart and kidney and other ailments and also life style modificabons. This exhibition will also be on opportunity for students and the family to experience the charms of Sri Ramachandra University.


Sri Ramachandra University is a 175 acre campus consisting of 12 constituent colleges offering over 100 courses and providing excellance in the fields of medical and health related education, research, and patient care. The hospital caters to the need of the people with out -patient facilities, admissions, and daily food services free of cost due to the vision of founder N.P.V. Ramasarny Udayar.


With its location and accessibility, infrastructure, campus facilities, library, hostels and hospital, Sri Ramachandra University makes learning experience pleasant and unique and creates students who
are globally competitive. The University is designed to ensure that students pursue their chosen careers with maximurn support and also strives for perfection in health and aspects. With more than
one speciality involved, this medical exhibition will benefit many people and also serve as an advertisement of this preatigious Sri Ramachandra University.