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socdab2015-Socdab Office Bearers

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Dr. Arjava Sharma, Director, NBAGR, Karnal
General Secretary
Dr. P.K. Singh, NBAGR, Karnal
Vice Presidents
Dr. B. Prakash, Director, CIRC, Meerut
Joint Secretaries
Dr. N.K. Verma, NBAGR, Karnal
Dr.J.V.Solanki, GAU, Anand (West Zone)

Joint Secretaries

Dr. S.C. Mehta, NRCC, Bikaner
Dr. C.V. Singh, GB Pant Univ. of Agri & Tech., Pantnagar (North Zone)
Dr. Sanjeev Singh, NBAGR, Karnal
Dr.P.Kumarasamy, TANUVAS, Chennai (South Zone)