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General Instructions

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1.    Language: ENGLISH

2.    Original Scientific Papers (Individual or collaborative) from AIOTA members are welcome for presentation.

3.    A generalized presentation should preferably be avoided.

4.    Registration is mandatory for submission in all categories of presentation in the conference.(Important:Any supporting document in respect to payment of conference registration fee,  should be sent with final submission in all categories of presentation, by participating Delegates and Student Delegates under each category, for acceptance of their presentation and exhibits in the conference)

5.    Papers/Exhibits/ Posters/ Mini-movies which doesn’t confine to the standards would not be entertained.

6.   Best Mini-movie will be given an appreciation certificate.

7.    All Queries related to scientific program should be addressed to The Chairperson, Scientific Program Committee.

8.    Poster for the member delegate only on clinical studies will be accepted:     The Poster Size should be limited to -4 feet X 3 feet.