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This event completed successfully on 7th Dec 2012. We thank all the participants for their gracious presence.

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      Nirmala College for Women aims to equip young women with quality education, life skills, personal skills and social skills that ensure productivity and confidence to take their rightful place in all areas of life, public and private.


      India has a rich tradition of herbal medicine. India one of the 12 mega diversity centers having over 45,000 plants. About 1500 plants with medicinal uses are mentioned in ancient texts and around 800 plants have been used in traditional medicine.

      Rural inhabitants possess incredible knowledge of a number of plant based formulations. Humans are part of nature, as nature is part of their being .Therefore it is based on the principle of relationship, rather than exploitation of nature.

      For the development of Medicinal plants, participation of scientists and support by the Government are very important. NGOs also can help in this regard. NGOs also can help in this regard. Let us all work for the sustainable utilization of medicinal plants by good cultivation and conservation.


      Organizing Secretary

      MPPSFP 2012

      Conference Objectives:

      Traditional medicine and medicinal plants, in general, continue to be a powerful source of new drugs, now contributing about 90% of the newly discovered pharma products.  Traditional Medicine continues to provide health coverage for over 80% of the world population, especially in the developing world. The past and the present are all full of living examples of discoveries of drugs, ranging from minor diseases to antiasthma, anti diabetic, antihypertensive and anti cancer.

      Keeping this in mind, the 2 day National Conference Objective is:

      1.     To Bring out the expertise’s of medicinal plants researchers.
      2.     To share the knowledge on medicinal plants future prospects.
      3.     To gain knowledge on sustainable use and conservation of medicinal plants.
      4.     To learn the Propagation and domestication of medicinal plants.
      5.     To learn the economic and commercial values of medicinal plants
      6.     To motivate the young minds, the expertise’s of medicinal plant researchers.

      In this Conference We join hands to get set for the challenge of Nature to Man to unearth “health” “wealth” and to raise it as Light to Globe.

      Dr.(Ms) R.Mary Josephine

      Executive Member

      MPPSFP 2012