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This event completed successfully on 6th Oct 2018. We thank all the participants for their gracious presence.

6th International Psychology Congress:Eastern and Western Psychology: Singularity, Diversity and Integration

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I am honored to announce the 6th International Psychology Congress to be held from October 3-6, 2018. The theme is Eastern and Western Psychology: Singularity, Diversity and Integration. We invite you to participate and seek to inspire fruitful conversations in our community of international scholars in psychology and related fields. On behalf of my colleagues at Christ Univerisity and the IFCU Psychology Sectorial group, we look forward to welcoming you in Bangalore  in 2018!

The conference seeks to provide a platform for the sharing of knowledge and experiences from different cultural and societal standpoints. The conference seeks to discuss and to work through important questions about human life and experience from a psychological point of view  considering multiple geographical, cultural  contexts and philosophical traditions. For instance, how does Western and Eastern psychology differ on the base of their cultural and social background? What commonalities can we expect and what differences can we be open to? Are there differing points of view in the East and West about important questions of human existence such as birth and death? Are practices and interventions in psychology different in different cultures despite using similar conceptualizations and driving theories? Is psychology as a discipline impacted by the  particular social and political histories of our environments? In what ways have philosophical orientations impacted the development of psychology as a discipline in different cultures?

Considering these questions, this congress aims to encourage participants from multiple cultures to share their unique views about the theory and practice of psychology to create a more inclusive and perhaps broader understanding of psychology as it applies to a diverse and multi-cultural society. This conference is proposed to build bridges between the East and the West, bringing together researchers and practitioners from different cultures to share knowledge and to develop new theoretical and professional approaches to allow for diversity in an interconnected human community.  

The congress is inspired on the assumption that psychology as a discipline should not reduce human experience to a technique or a method, but seek to understand the whole person within their spiritual, personal, and cultural contexts. To do this it is worthwhile to explore both unique contributions of the East and the West civilizations as well as the shared understanding from both viewpoints. With rapid globalization across the world, it is perhaps imperative that disciplines, and specially psychology, remain at the core of the analysis and the conceptualization  of the challenges posed by economic, technological and political changes.


Tony Sam George
Congress Director
6th International Congress Committee

2018 Letter to Psychology Sectorial Group