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Topics / Sessions

Culture, ethnicity and practice of psychology

Issues of Diversity in practice of psychology

Recent advances in theory and practice of psychology from the East and West

Philosophical orientations of psychology in the East and / or the West

Migration and psychology

Trans-human and psychology

Multi cultural issues in the theory and practise of Psychology

Traditional and indigenous practices that inform psychology

Eastern and/ or Westerns views of human life and behaviour

IFCU2018 - Call for Paper

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Track Title: 

  • IFCU2018 - Call for Paper


Submission Guidelines

 You are invited to submit a proposal for a Paper Session, Poster Session, Workshop, Panel discussion or Conversation Session related to the congress themes.

Descriptions of Presentations:

Paper Session – a 15 or 20 minute paper presentation followed by a facilitated conversation among the presenters and the audience.

Poster Session – a poster display with the opportunity for informal discussions among presenters and participants. Posters will remain on display throughout the conference.

Workshop – a 90 minute experiential workshop of a technique or intervention in Psychology.

Panel discussion and Sympsium: A group of presenters may propose a panel discussion or Symposium that highlights unique aspects of a particular theme.

Conversation Session – a facilitated discussion for 1 hour on a topic related to one of the conference themes.

Submission Procedures

Please submit a proposal with your name, affiliation, email address, abstract (150 - 250 words describing your presentation), which type of session you are proposing – paper, poster, workshop, panel discussion or conversation session, and which theme(s) your abstract relates to.

You can submit your abstract online in the following form by typing your abstract in the space provided or by uploading a doc. file

Submission Dates

Submission deadline for proposals/ abstracts:                            07, June 2018

Communication of Acceptance of proposal :                               Within one  week of submission

Submission deadline for full papers:                                           15, September, 2018