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This event completed successfully on 27th Jul 2017. We thank all the participants for their gracious presence.


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The “One Health approach is a collaborative and all-encompassing way to address plant, animal and  public  health  globally .  Recent  efforts  in  controlling  viral  diseases  of  animal  origin  (for  example, H5N1  avian  influenza  and  swine  flu),  human  beings  (  Ebola  and Zika),  plants  (geminivirus, tospovirus  and  cucumovirus  and  potyvirus)    and  contributions  towards  pandemic  preparedness have  re-emphasized  the  need  for  enhanced  collaboration  on  reducing  risks  of  zoonotic  potential including food-borne  viral  diseases  all  over  the  world.  The  animal-human-plant-ecosystem continuum  entails  collaboration  and  cooperation  amongst  various  sectors  which critical  to  effective and efficient management and control of viral diseases. The Indian Virological Society provides a platform  for  interaction  between  virology  researchers  from  plant,  veterinary ,  medical, aqua,  and microbial virology  field,  technical  experts,  policy  makers, and  policy  implementing  agencies  to develop  coordinated  strategies  for  prevention  of  viral  diseases  at  the  human-animal-aqua-plant microbial  interface.


In  the  International    Conference on Virus Diseases: One Health - One World”, the  virologists  will assess the impact of viral diseases on the food security , food safety , nutrition, and income of rural communities  in  developed  and  developing  countries.  Deliberations during  the  conference  will help develop  the  roadmap  for  a  One  Health-  One  World  strategy  for  effective  detection  and  control  of  the viral  diseases.


About The IVS

Indian Virological Society (IVS) was established in December 1984. The objective of the Society is to promote research and development in the ? eld of virology. IVS is a unique scienti? c body that providesplatform for those associated with the characterization and management of viruses affecting Animal, Human, Fish, Insect, Plant and any other living being. Besides, IVS organizes National and International Conference, Training, Seminar, Workshop, Invited lecture series, Industry-meet, etc. The society recognizes outstanding contribution of individual in the ? eld of virology and confers “Prof. K.S. Bhargava Oration Award” and “Fellow of IVS” every year. IVS is also the member of International Union of Microbiological Society (IUMS). In the last 31 years of its existence, IVS has organized 3 international and 23 national conferences on different relevant themes. At present we have nearly 500 members including life members and annual members.   IVS also publishes an international reputed journal "Virus Disease" with collaboration with Springer. The journal has broad base covering both basic and applied research on viral disease problems all over the world. IVS also publishes “Virus Research News” biannually.
About Sivaram Foundation
V Sivaram Research Foundation, Bangalore was established 2013 under Indian Trust Act to promote research and development in the field of ecology, Environmental biology, biodiversity conservation and natural resource development. Also, to organize International seminars and conferences in order to provide a platform for the scientists, academicians and policy makers to share and disseminate latest findings in the field of biological sciences. The Foundation has organized five conferences in Thailand, Malaysia during 2013-2015 and will also be organizing conferences in Latvia, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia in 2016. The Foundation has research collaboration with Universiti Teknologi MARA, Sarawak, Malaysia and engaged in research and development in the fields of Medicinal plants , Biodiversity conservation, pollination, beekeeping etc.