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This event completed successfully on 12th Mar 2017. We thank all the participants for their gracious presence.


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Today’s world is largely dependent upon non-renewable and environmentally damaging sources of energy. Powering our future will require replacing many current technologies, transforming the largest industries in the world, tapping a vast array of renewable sources, and changing behaviour. Meeting this energy challenge and protecting the environment requires solutions from a multidisciplinary effort.


The ICEES 2017 looks at the question of how new technologies can help increase ecological, economic and social sustainability. Sustainability will only function if it can make use of reliable technical systems. These should be highly efficient, benefit health, be renewable, reusable, socially affordable and many more such criteria.


From the point of view of sustainability, ICEES’17 examines technical solutions not only in terms of their contribution to sustainable development throughout society; it also examines how innovation processes can be directed more strongly towards sustainability and how technical innovations can be disseminated sustainably and commercially.


ICEES’17 is dedicated in presenting top-level academic/Industrial achievements in the fields of civil and mechanical engineering in the context of clean and environmental systems by researchers and engineers, and is endeavoured to serve as a bridge between researchers.