Scientific Sessions

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*      Agrotechniques and pest control strategies for medicinal plants

*      Conservation, Utilization and management of genetic resources of Medicinal Plants

*      Biotechnological methods for conservation of medicinal plants

*      Safety and efficacy of phytomedicines and phytocosmetics

*      Pharmacognosy and ethnopharmacology

*      Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds

*      Development of drugs and commercialization of local knowledge

*      Molecular techniques to augment medicinal plants utilization

*      Nanotechnology in pharmaceutical and natural products

*      Biodiversity and Bio prospecting of Medicinal and Aromatic plants

*      Ethnoveterinary practice and Livestock healthcare

*      Advances in natural products chemistry

*      Targeted screening approaches for drugs and cosmetics

*      Quality control and standardization of herbal products and formulations Challenges

*      Technology developments in industrial processing of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

*      Economics and marketing of medicinal and aromatic plants

*      New developments in laws and regulations for the use of MAPs trade and industry perspective

*      Emerging trends in Ayurveda, siddha, Unani, Chinese, homeopathy systems of Medicine

*      Nutraceuticals and antioxidants

*      Constraints and opportunities in herbal medical industry

*      Impact of climate change on medicinal plants

*      International legislation for Intellectual Property Rights

Annamalai University, India
University of Kwazulu-Natal South Africa
ICPPR Canada
Global Federation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants