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This event completed successfully on 16th Dec 2019. We thank all the participants for their gracious presence.
eSARD - Call for Papers


Call for Abstracts/Full Papers


Abstracts of research/cases/development initiatives/policy initiatives followed by full papers of the accepted abstracts related to the themes will form the main content of the Conference. Abstract not exceeding 300 words may be typed online or copied from your word documents and pasted in the Abstracts submission field
available in the call for submission form in the conference website ( on or before 20 Nov 2019. No need to upload Abstract in word document.

The number of papers is restricted to two per participant as frst author. The number of authors per paper is restricted to max. 4. The system will not allow more than four authors per paper. Please follow the abstract submission guidelines available in the submission page.

High quality papers presented at the conference will be considered for publication in Journal of Extension Education (indexed in DOAJ,CAB, AGRIS and included in UGC-CARE list of quality journals) post Conference.

Eminent experts will deliver plenary lectures, invited talks and keynote addresses.


The best presentations during the Conference will be recognized with awards. The number of awards will be decided by the jury of experts.

Young Scientist Awards: Those who are below the age of 35 years shall be eligible for this Award. The proof of date of birth should be uploaded in PDF format during abstract submission in the ‘Document Upload’ section along with a detailed bio-sketch in the covering letter for Young Scientist Award. The covering letter also can be uploaded while submitting Abstract or later by using “Edit” link available for your paper through ‘Mydashboard’ or by using the Acknowledgement email.

Important Instructions on Document upload

  1. No need to upload " Abstract "in any format. Just type or paste your Abstract in the  Text box" provided.
  2. Age Proof and Covering Bio Sketch should be uploaded as one PDF in the "Supporting Document" section ONLY.  If it is uploaded wrongly  to "Full Paper" document uplaod section, your submission is likely to be rejected.
  3. Full Paper should be uplaoded in "Full Paper" upload section. If it is uplaoded in other section, your submission is likely to be rejected.
  4. If you are not participating in the Young Scientist Award and also unable to complete the Full Paper, Submit atleast the Abstract first in the Abstract text box. In this case, you no need to upload any Document.
Theme1. Agricultural Research and Extension Systems and Approaches
Global and National scenario, Implications for public value building, Public-Public, Public-Private and Private-Private convergence, Pluralistic extension, Networked and Decentralized services, Frontline and grass-root extension systems.

Theme1. Agricultural Research and Extension Systems and Approaches

Theme2. Evolving Institutional Innovations
Present and future of partnership development, Farmers organizations, Capacity building and empowerment, Cooperative extension services, Group dynamics, Changing rural and social order, Coping with distress, Considerations for strategies and policy making.

Theme2. Evolving Institutional Innovations

Theme3. Digital and Conventional Media
Connecting and networking solutions, Strengthening extension position in the competitive information marketplace, Communication and diffusion in the modern contexts, Mobile telephony, Social media, Web-based knowledge management, Low-end ICT in rural areas, GIS, Knowledge networks.

Theme3. Digital and Conventional Media

Theme4. Value-chain and market-led extension
Stakeholder-infrastructure-technology dynamics, Chain-wide learning for scaling-up, Linking global to local, Market-oriented diversification, Post-harvest management, Processing, Value addition, Consumer education.

Theme4. Value-chain and market-led extension

Theme5. Extension Education and Research
Academics, Applications and Translational research, Strengthening extension education curriculum, Innovations in extension research, Re-orienting focal areas of extension research, Management administration to meet futuristic challenges, Professional ethics, Facilitating knowledge-sharing mechanisms.

Theme5. Extension Education and Research

Theme6. Gender and Youth Perspectives in Education, Research and Development
Inclusive and equitable development, Social capital, Nutrition and livelihood, Farming Systems Research and Extension, Preparing Future Farmers, Aspiration and perceptions, Return to Roots, Agri-entrepreneurship, venture/crowd funding for agri start-ups, climate-smart future agriculture

Theme6. Gender and Youth Perspectives in Education, Research and Development